A portrait of a dog.

“Sister from another litter” to our own Norrie, Polly is a Lancashire Heeler that lives in Norrköping. This photo was taken during the annual Swedish Lancashire Heeler breed club dog show, where Polly was shown in the junior

The weather was rapidly changing from scorching sun to chilling overcast with winds and I wanted to give the image a bit of depth, so I took this photo while crawling on the grass. To further add a bit of “pop” to the image, Linnea was holding a speedlight at 1/4 or 1/8 power on a monopod above Polly, pointing it down at her face. A touch of local contrast gave the image a very sharp look.



Closeup of Olympus OM-20

Nothing fancy, just a close-up shot of one of a few old film cameras I have in a bookshelf. Lit by two SB-26:s, one through a white shoot-through umbrella above subject to camera left, and another SB-26 with a homemade straw snoot aimed into the lens just to push a little more detail into the white text around the lens.

Sunset Zumi

Sunset Zumi This is one of those pictures that are so easy to take once you’ve learned how your light meter works. Here’s how I did it:

  1. First of all, I set up my light – I used a white shoot-through umbrella on the shade side (to the right of the camera) coupled with a Nikon SB-26 flash on a light stand. The umbrella gives me a big soft light source, perfect for filling in the shadows.
  2. I took a reading of the ambient light, which came out as f/8 at 1/250s, ISO 200. I was aiming the light meter in the direction of the light source.
  3. I took a reading of the flash light. At first, the flash power was set too low, so my meter measured f/2.8 at the same settings as above. I moved the light in a bit closer and raised the flash power to about 1/4 and got a reading of f/8. I wanted to match the light level of the ambient and the fill light since I knew that the low sun would give me a nice contour.

I used a pair of PocketWizard Plus X flash triggers to trigger the flash in this shoot. Compared to working with a long sync cable, I definitely prefer working with the new PocketWizards. They feel sturdy enough and I haven’t yet had a single frame where the flashes didn’t fire with the Plus X triggers. I also enjoy having the possiblity of triggering the flashes from my light meter, it just makes taking a light reading so much simpler.