Sunset Zumi

Sunset Zumi┬áThis is one of those pictures that are so easy to take once you’ve learned how your light meter works. Here’s how I did it:

  1. First of all, I set up my light – I used a white shoot-through umbrella on the shade side (to the right of the camera) coupled with a Nikon SB-26 flash on a light stand. The umbrella gives me a big soft light source, perfect for filling in the shadows.
  2. I took a reading of the ambient light, which came out as f/8 at 1/250s, ISO 200. I was aiming the light meter in the direction of the light source.
  3. I took a reading of the flash light. At first, the flash power was set too low, so my meter measured f/2.8 at the same settings as above. I moved the light in a bit closer and raised the flash power to about 1/4 and got a reading of f/8. I wanted to match the light level of the ambient and the fill light since I knew that the low sun would give me a nice contour.

I used a pair of PocketWizard Plus X flash triggers to trigger the flash in this shoot. Compared to working with a long sync cable, I definitely prefer working with the new PocketWizards. They feel sturdy enough and I haven’t yet had a single frame where the flashes didn’t fire with the Plus X triggers. I also enjoy having the possiblity of triggering the flashes from my light meter, it just makes taking a light reading so much simpler.


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